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NiKO - Impressionist Artist

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso

Every person has a different perception of the reality that surrounds them. They will see objects, places, and situations from their unique point of view. As an artist, I am drawn to what people see and how they perceive it. The natural world provides an endless supply of inspiration and equally, all human-created architecture and technological wonders supply an abundance of creative material therefore I enjoy painting various topics. 

While my current residence is in Ottawa, Canada, I have traveled and lived abroad in other countries, allowing me to draw upon experiences and emotions connected to familiar sceneries. 

Even though I lean towards Impressionism, I am always exploring learning, and growing therefore, you may witness paintings withholding various styles and techniques as my main focus is to convey feelings through strokes of color. 

Thank you for reading a little bit about me ... 

Enjoy my "diary" so far.

Nicholas Spartalis

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